J.K Ryder

Writer's Full Name: J.K Ryder

Member Name: jkryder


Gender: Female

Age: 23

Writer's Language: English

Comic/Manga Type: I write comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels

Writer's Style: All styles.

Experience: Several years

Comic/Manga Works: I wrote (and drew poorly) Political Cartoons for my College Newspaper 'The Sundial.'

Writer's Artist Style Preference: N/A

Writer's Artist Language Preference: English

Partnering Type: All of the above. If you have an idea, I'll write the script. I can collaborate but I can also take a premise and run with it. Contact me even if it's just to bounce ideas off someone. I can help flesh out your characters or tighten your story-line. You tell me what you want and I can deliver.

Salary Per Page: Open to negotiation

Website URL: http://comic-collaboration.wikidot.com

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