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Writer's Full Name: Tanya Krueger

Member Name: DreamerBond

Country: USA

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Writer's Language: English

Comic/Manga Type: I do draw, and mostly in a manga/american combo, but for any of my new story ideas, I'd prefer a manga style.

Writer's Style: I've always been a fantasy girl. Fantasy is what I do. Sometimes it involves elves, sometimes demons, dragons, or winged people. BUt almost always, my stories have revolved around mgic in one form or another, and have always focused a great deal on characters.

Experience: I've been writing stories since fifth grade, but comicking is something I've only recently taken up.

Comic/Manga Works: I'm currently working on a comic called Spirit Bond. It can be found Here.

Writer's Artist Style Preference: I'd prefer manga, but if you've got somethin' else, just tell me.

Writer's Artist Language Preference: English

Partnering Type: I would like my artist to be able to stick to a schedule (like one page every week) and to be open minded to my crazy ideas. Some enthusiasm and ideas of their own wouldn't hurt either.

Salary Per Page: N/A for now. I'm still in highschool so money is hard for me to come by. <:(

Website URL: [http://spiritbond.smackjeeves.com/]

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