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I don't really write fan fiction, so/ yeah, my characters aren't based on anything. I might whip something up for this column later though.

Writer's Full Name: Riley Morgan Thomas

Member Name: Riley Thomas

Country: Canada

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Writer's Language: English

Comic/Manga Type: Comic books, maybe comic strips for short periods and Graphic Novel.

Writer's Style: Not hard-core porn, or hard core anime, or brainless fighting. Anything else is feasible, and maybe even brainless fighting

Experience: None published yet, plenty written. It has deceptively hard to find the right artist.

Comic/Manga Works: None

Writer's Artist Style Preference: Cartoony, Marvel, Realistic, maybe a little manga

Writer's Artist Language Preference: English

Partnering Type: "Both paid partnerships or free for like minded artists with similar preference. Talk to me and I'll decide if it's pro bono or not.

Salary Per Page: Yeah, not really. Later on I might decide to pay per page, but right now it's 50/50 of the profits when the comic goes on sale, and your name on the cover.

Website URL: Not right, now but one's coming with the publish of my first comic.

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