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Fan fiction Title: I don't write fanfic. You can find my original fiction via the link further down.

Writer's Full Name: Mike Reeves-McMillan

Member Name: MikeRM

Country: New Zealand

Gender: Male

Age: 41

Writer's Language: English

Comic/Manga Type: Graphic novel

Writer's Style: Fantastic fiction

Experience: N/A

Comic/Manga Works: None

Writer's Artist Style Preference: Painterly (like Inverloch, for example), or manga.

Writer's Artist Language Preference: English.

Partnering Type: Free (artists who are like minded and have similar preference)

Salary Per Page: N/A

Website URL: http://mikerm.blogspot.com

I'm looking for one or more artist collaborators for a couple of projects. I see them as following the free webcomic/POD print version model.

Project 1: Guardian of the Gates. A young thief-girl is sent to steal an elaborate watch from a mysterious man, and discovers that he is the guardian of gates to other dimensions. The wizard who commissioned her wants to take over his power, but as she grows to know the Guardian, and accompanies him on his rounds, she realizes where her destiny lies.

I see this one as being illustrated in a very beautiful painterly style.

Project 2: Four orphan teenagers come together and discover that they have some unusual abilities, and that a mysterious man in a brown coat is after them. They try to piece together the story of their past and defend themselves, while confronting the personal issues which their powers reflect and intensify.

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