Diode Mallard

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Fan fiction Title: Manta Rays and Memory Loss: A Mentalist Fanfiction

Can be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5314858/1/Manta_Rays_and_Memory_Loss

Writer's Full Name: Diode Mallard

Member Name: theseptillionaire

Country: United States

Gender: Female

Writer's Language: English

Comic/Manga Type: Comic book, Manga, Graphic Novel

Writer's Style: Action, Adventure, Superhero, etc

Experience: N/A

Comic/Manga Works: N/A

Writer's Artist Style Preference: Marvel, Manga, open to other types as well
Writer's Artist Language Preference: English

Partnering Type: Free: artists who are like minded and have similar preference.

Salary Per Page: N/A (free partnerships)

Website URL: http://diodemallard.tumblr.com/ (This is my film, tv, book and theatre review site)

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