Jessica Fortune

Writer's Full Name: Jessica Briann Fortune

Member Name: SatuMitsumi

Country: USA

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Writer's Language: English

Comic/Manga Type: I write horror, fantasy, and psychological thriller genres (for manga).

Writer's Style: All styles.

Experience: Several years.

Comic/Manga Works: I wrote and attempted to draw the intro pages to my current project, The Petting Zoo.

Writer's Artist Style Preference: Manga-style with experience in drawing bishoujo and "furry" characters.

Writer's Artist Language Preference: English

Partnering Type: I have an idea for a script, and need someone with a lot of enthusiasm and someone who is very into their work to help me pull this comic off. If you have an idea, however, I will gladly write the script. I can collaborate but I can also take a premise and run with it. Even if you don't quite need the script written out yet, contact me. I've been known to give many people help with their ideas. I can help flesh out your characters or tighten your story-line. You tell me what you want and I can deliver.

Salary Per Page: N/A at the moment (I'm so sorry about that! I'd pay if I could…I'm a working student.)

Website URL: