Jason McDonald

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Fan fiction Title: New Dark Ages

*Sample Coming Soon!*

Writer's Full Name:Jason McDonald

Member Name: Mister Servo

Country:United States of America

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Writer's Language: English

Comic/Manga Type: Primarily manga and comic book, but I'm always interested in other mediums.

Writer's Style: My stories vary and explore different topics. I've written Fantasy, Noir, Western and other subjects. If you're curious about seeing a sample of one of these, let me know.

Experience: I don't have any experience writing professionally, but I've been writing all my life.

Comic/Manga Works: No titles published yet.

Writer's Artist Style Preference: I'd be interested in working with artists from any artistic style.

Writer's Artist Language Preference: Knowing English would be a plus so we can..you know..converse.

Partnering Type: Haha I wish I could pay you. If we make any money off of this, you're entitled to at least half.
Salary Per Page: N/A Maybe some cookies?

Website URL: http://comic-collaboration.wikidot.com

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