Directions Of Destiny

Comic Title: Directions of Destiny

Comic Creator(s): Hans Tseng

Comic Type: manga

Comic Genre: Fantasy, Drama

Soft/Hard Copy: Both are available

Comic Publisher: Self-Publisher

Comic Starting Year:

Comic Pages: Volume One: 248 pages

Comic Status: It has been over a year and I'm still waiting for him to add an update. So I guess it is dead for now.

Comic Appeal: Comic appeals to anyone who loves beautiful art, school setting, technology and magic.

Comic Plot: A man named Douglas Solanum has just been inducted as the new Assistant Headmaster. However, Azalea Alatus, the daughter of the headmaster, has her suspicions. She had never met the man before despite being the daughter of the headmaster. Upon his arrival at the institute, strange things began to happen.

Comic Uniqueness: Combines the world of technology, magic, and weaponry into one big university.

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