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Translator's Language(s): Language(s) you speak and write fluently.

Translate From/To: English to Spanish, Spanish to English

Translating Experience: Write how long you've been writing and speaking your language(s) or how long you've been translating comics.

Comic/manga Works: Write down the titles of the comics you've worked on translating or write none if you haven't worked on any.

Translator's Comic Preference: write your favorite types of comic you like to translate or read.

Partnering Type: You have the option to write "Free (like minded writers with similar preference)", "Paid collaborations only," or "Both paid collaborations and free (like minded writers with similar preference)". Free collaborations are up to you if you love the comic and want it available for those who speak your language.

Charge Per Page: You have options to write the amount you are willing to charge comic writers ($2 per page), open to negotiating, or N/A (which would be for free partnerships.)

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