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Type of Publisher: Write Trade Publishing, Self-Publishing, or Independent Publishing.

Publisher's genre focus: Write here the genre the publisher primarily publishes. This could be superhero, romance, action, horror, religious, etc.

Looking For: Write the type of comic creator the publisher likes to work with or is looking to work with. You may write experienced creators, newbie creators, anyone, or anyone trying to self-publish.

Publishing Experience: Write how long they've been publishing comics.

Submission Requirement: Write Yes or No. It would be helpful if you can write whether it is by mail, email, or online form.

Submissions Received Per Year: Write the estimated number of submissions the company receives every year.

Submissions Selected Per Year: Write the number of submitted works the publishing company selects every year.

Royalty Payment: Write the estimated percentage the publishing company pays a creator who's work has been selected for purchase.

Freelance Payment: Write the amount freelance artists are paid.

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