Candy Or Medicine

Publisher Name:Candy or Medicine

Location:Syracuse, NY

Publisher Description:Candy or Medicine publishes a quarterly mini-comic anthology that actively seeks contributors of all skill levels.

Type of Publisher: Self-Publishing

Publisher's genre focus: Mini-comics

Looking For: Anyone

Publishing Experience: Three years

Submission Requirement: Consult [] for submission guidelines and submit high-resolution images to moc.enicidemroydnac|ofni#moc.enicidemroydnac|ofni.

Submissions Received Per Year: Estimate for 2008 is 45.

Submissions Selected Per Year: Everything that fits the guidelines. As long as it fits the guidelines, it will be published in a future issue of Candy or Medicine.

Royalty Payment: No pay.

Freelance Payment: No pay.

Website Submission URL: []]

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