Character Name: Go!Anna

Character Creator(s): Stephen Crowley

Character Publisher:

Character Comic: Magellan

Character Genre: Superhero

Character Status: Alive

Character Specie: mutant

Character Class: Superhero

Character Abilities: Strong legs for leaping, can climb on walls, unmatched agility, a strong tail, reptile like regeneration

Character Weakness(es): Can be overconfident and stubborn at times.

Character Pitch: Go!Anna is a popular local hero whose training at Magellan academy has become more than helpful for day to day survival in a world filled with crazy and powerful villains. Despite graduating from Magellan, she prefers to work alone and protect the everyday people that are overlooked. Go!Anna is a very strong willed, down to earth character that many comic fans would take a liking to.

Character Criticisms:

Official Website URL: Magellan Comic

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