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Dan Copulsky (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Diode Mallard (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Dragon's Lair (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Jason McDonald (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Jessica Fortune (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
J.K Ryder (Rating: 0, Comments: 1)
Mike Reeves-McMillan (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Riley Thomas (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Roberts J Roberts (Rating: 0, Comments: 1)
Tanya Krueger (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)


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The purpose of the writer category is to provide visibility for comic writers looking to collaborate with artists. A comic writer may add a new page for himself/herself, with the purpose of collaborating and increasing exposure. The page you add can only be edited by you.

When adding a comic writer page use the provided template to make things easy and quick. All you have to do is replace the given examples/descriptions in the template with your own responses. Please take a look at the adding/editing guideline in order to get a better understanding of using a wiki or what is appropriate to add to this wiki.


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