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Comic collaboration wiki is a community; hence there are some rules that you must follow when adding pages in order to make it suitable for all ages.

  • Follow the provided template. This is important as to keep the site consistent in terms of look and feel. It also makes adding pages a breeze.
  • When submitting a comic page as an artist, web comics, comic characters, or fan fiction writing, make sure it doesn’t have excessive violence, fowl language, and sexual content of any kind. This type of sequential art, web comic, comic character, or fan fiction would be deleted when seen. This site is a collaboration community; please provide material viewable by all ages.
  • Try not to allow your images to surpass 150K in size, therefore make sure it is reduced if it is larger. The purpose of this is to allow the pages to load at a decent speed. The bigger the image the slower it loads. Viewers may leave your added page just because it doesn’t load quickly.

Useful Wiki Syntax

Wiki Syntax Syntax Result
Regular Writing
**Bold Writing**
Regular Writing
Bold Writing
[ yahoo home page] yahoo home page
[[image source]] source
Placing an image URL/Link over the source:
Changing image size by adding a width and height:
[[image width="200" height="150"]]

Adding New Pages

Comic Collaboration wiki has up to seven categories at the moment. When you decide to add a page it has to fall into one of the given categories so that it would be easier for the comic collaboration wiki community to find your created page. The available categories: publisher, printer, writer, artists, translator, web comic, and fav-character.

Publisher – The publisher category represents comic publishing companies.

Printer – The printer category represents printer services that publish comic books.

Writer – The writer category represents comic writers looking to collaborate.

Artist – The artist category represents comic artists looking to collaborate.

Translator – The translator category is for people who can translate a comic into a certain language.

Web-comic - The web-comic category is for people who have created web comics or any comic readable online.

Fav-character – fav-character represents your favorite comic/manga character.

If you want to add a page into the appropriate category, simply go to the category page and use the add page text box at the bottom of the category page. Start by typing the name of the page, then save the page once you've created it. The page would automatically be created into the category.


As a member of comic collaboration wiki, new pages are very easy to add. Templates are provided for all categories so that all you have to do is replace the requested info with your own responses. This keeps the comic collaboration wiki clean and consistent. Hence, upon adding your page, click on the "initial template" drop down box and use the appropriate template for the category of the page you want to create.


One of the benefits of a wiki is the ability to edit. By clicking the edit button at the bottom center of the page, all members of comic collaboration would be able to edit submitted pages in the publisher, printer, fav-character, and web comic category. The writer, artist, and translator categories cannot be edited by all members except the creator of the page, site moderator and admin.

Uploading Images

If you need to upload your own image for the comic artist section, web comic or favorite comic character, all you have to do is click the button at the bottom of the page that says files. Once you click files, you would see a browse button, which would allow you to upload any of your own images within your computer. Once you have uploaded your image, click on the file name of the image and it would take you to the image. The URL/link of that image is what would be used as the source of the image in order to display your image on this site. Simply place the URL/link over the word source in the code below, which would be provided in the template. Uploading an image is unnecessary if you already have an URL/link of the image somewhere on the web.

[[image source]]


[[image width="305" height="395"]]

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