Invite Friends and Win Products

Invite friends and win products from (C.B.S.S.). At the moment you have your choice of selecting the Creating Appealing Comics Starter Kit, Web Comic Advertising Secrets, and Comic Book Publishing Alternatives or you may even win full membership to C.B.S.S and site moderator status.

If you are able to invite 15 people to join comic collaboration, you can select any one of the products listed above. If you are able to invite 20 people to join, you win two products and can select any two of the products listed above. If you invite 30 people who join you win all three of the products. 50+ people would grant you full membership to C.B.S.S. Site moderator status can be requested if you are an avid contributor to the community.

To get started inviting your friends, all you have to do is join by creating a wikidot account and using the password (ccw23) to become a member of this site. Once you are a member, you can come back to this page and invite your friends using the form that would appear below. It is fast and easy.

Inviting users has been disabled due to severe abuse. Admins can still send email invitations via site admin dashboard.