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Batman (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Go!Anna (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Iron Man (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Naruto (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Snoopy (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Spiderman (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)
Thomil Llae Var (Rating: 0, Comments: 0)


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The purpose of this category is to allow comic/manga fans to share their favorite comic/manga character. This category would help comic/manga fans discover new comic characters that may interest them, which they may have never discovered otherwise. If you have a favorite comic/manga character add it to this category. Make sure you use the favorite comic character template so that all you have to do is replace the examples/descriptions with your own response.

Feel free to add comic characters from any comic medium. These mediums may include web comics, novels, or films like Heroes. Please take a look at the adding/editing guideline in order to get a better understanding of using a wiki or what is appropriate to add to this wiki.


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