Comic/Manga Collaboration Wiki

Welcome to comic collaboration wiki. There are several goals this wiki seeks to accomplish.


  1. Simplify and effectively open doors to genuine comic collaboration, partnerships, and comic related jobs.
  2. Bring massive exposure to comic creators who already have a running comic online.
  3. Provide an avenue in which comic fans may discover new comics of their liking.
  4. Provide a place for learning and developing comic creating skills in order to produce better comics and become a successful comic creator.

The way we plan to do this is through the functions of a wiki and the comic community involvement. The interface has been provided and the service is free. All you have to do is join, read the instructions/guidelines and add your pages. It is that simple. Help build this wiki into an invaluable resource for comic collaboration and enjoy the perks of discovering new comics, winning prizes, more exposure and just good ole fun.


Join This Wiki Community and:

  • Collaborate
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